The Smart Grid for Water: Turning Non-Revenue Water into Found Revenue Water White Paper

The Smart Grid for Water:

Turning Non-Revenue Water into Found Revenue Water

White Paper

Today’s water utilities are caught between the converging pressures of fiscal austerity, water scarcity, aging infrastructure and increasing expectations from consumers and regulators. Yet the current financial condition of many utilities – declining population or declining per capita revenue, dwindling budgets, infrastructure replacement – means that the utility must seek efficiencies well beyond the norm in order to achieve both continuity of revenue, and to fund future needs.

Funding budget and infrastructure shortfalls by increasing water rates comes with significant political costs – making it ideal to fund shortfalls through increased efficiencies, while serving end users in an environment of increasing service expectations.

The Smart Grid for Water is a complete infrastructure built on smart metering, an analytical software platform, and a customer service and billing process that leverages economies of scale across traditionally disparate municipal operations. The Smart Grid for Water allows for the first time a means of understanding where your water is going in real time, how accurately it is being measured, characteristics of consumption, and where you are losing dollars – not only in real water leaks, but in data leaks as well.

The benefits of the Smart Grid for Water on non-revenue water problems are compelling. But the “found revenue” aspects of the installation can be truly liberating for utilities. In some cases, the installation can be self-financing through increased revenue from more accurate billing. The result is a significant improvement in data integrity (better, more accurate and more timely data), protection and continuity of revenue and overall better customer service.

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