Smart Grid

The FATHOM Smart Grid for Water

Ensuring affordable water into the future

The FATHOM Smart Grid for Water is transforming the municipal water utility industry. Created by a water utility, the Smart Grid for Water is a comprehensive solution including infrastructure, software, services, and a community of industry experts creating the economies of scale necessary to deliver the Smart Grid to all water utilities.

Together, we are building the Smart Grid for Water community as more and more cities snap in to the Smart Grid for Water. Dedicated to continuous improvement with benchmarking and analytics across the United States, you can join this growing network to ensure the delivery of affordable water for your residents into the future.

  • Increase your revenue through accurate, complete billing and meter data
  • Lower the cost to serve your community
  • Proactively detect problems and optimize your water infrastructure
  • Streamline your customer experience through state-of-the-art online tools and in-person customer care
  • Collaborate with your residents to be good stewards of water resources
  • Fund infrastructure improvements by uncovering new sources of revenue
  • Ensure a predictable cost structure by capping your operational costs
The FATHOM Smart Grid for Water

Smart Grid Conversion Package

Anchoring the Smart Grid for Water is the Smart Grid Infrastructure Conversion Package, which encompasses much more than merely smart meters or a typical meter installation project. Solid infrastructure is important, but making sure it is combined with a solid data infrastructure is critical. We begin every partnership with our Revenue Assurance Analysis. This ensures that data within the systems is correct and complete, providing a strong revenue foundation for your utility. Plus, it makes sure that every customer is paying their fair share.

By transforming data into actionable information, we handle the entire implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for your city. From selection, procurement, and finance to installation, data management, and public involvement, we get the Smart Grid for Water Infrastructure right – both the physical and the data infrastructure.

Conversion Methodology
The Smart Grid approach to ensuring the implementation of the Smart Grid Infrastructure is smooth

Smart Meters and Hardware
Selection of the right meter hardware, along with all the other components that make them work for you

Expert Turnkey Installation
FATHOM experts handle the ordering, delivery, and installation of meters on behalf of your city

Data Validation and Verification
FATHOM audits and cleanses the data underpinning the Smart Grid system

Geospatial Location and Photo Documentation
FATHOM locates and validates all meters within the infrastructure

Revenue Assurance Analysis
FATHOM goes to the source of the data to precisely track meters and ensure every account is billed accurately

Public Involvement
FATHOM communicates with your residents to ensure they know the plans for meter installations, and what they should expect

Quality Assurance
Throughout the entire conversion process, FATHOM ensures the delivery, installation, and underlying data accuracy is high quality

With clean data and modern infrastructure, you have the foundation for the Smart Grid for Water. The Smart Grid Conversion Package makes it easy for your city to snap in to The Smart Grid for Water.

SaaS Smart Grid Platform

The FATHOM Smart Grid for Water software platform is a SaaS solution built from best-of-breed applications across the water utility industry, with an analytics backbone designed to optimize water utility operations. With the economies of scale generated by our community of utilities, FATHOM’s platform is affordable for cities of all sizes. And with our SaaS model, cities avoid the risk and expense of the IT infrastructure.

When you adopt the Smart Grid for Water, you have a comprehensive set of applications working in concert to the benefit of your utility.

Head End System
The meter-specific AMI software

Meter Data Management
The translation of massive amounts of data reads into actionable intelligence

Customer Portal
A great online experience for your residents to understand their water consumption and pay their bills

Customer Information System
The central repository for customer-related information to support billing and customer service

Asset Management
The inventory and maintenance system for your water utility assets

Business Intelligence
The analytics and reporting to cover the entire scope of financial and operational performance

Utility Expertise & Managed Services

Our team of experts work alongside our utility partners and city staff to ensure water utility data and billing operations are running smoothly. Not only are some of the top water utility thought leaders in the world part of the FATHOM team, but our customer care professionals are dedicated to the communities they serve. Our team is available to manage a variety of areas on behalf of our city partners

Utility Billing
Everything a municipality needs to manage their bill processing costs efficiently, and deliver a great customer experience for their residents

Customer Care
We can handle the entire customer care center on behalf of your city with friendly, knowledgeable customer service professionals

Local Payment
We can set up a local payment office on behalf of the city, freeing up city space and delivering great customer service

Asset/Work Order Management
A ready-to-use maintenance management solution that improves the life cycle of your assets, allows you to track them in real time, issues automated work orders, and keeps your operators in the field – where you need them most

Warranty Management
In concert with Asset Management, we track the warranties associated with your assets to make sure you are maintaining your infrastructure at the lowest possible cost

Revenue Assurance
We leverage the Smart Grid software platform to ensure every account continues to be billed accurately every year we are part of your community

Smart Grid Community of Utilities

FATHOM’s community of utilities comes together to share best practices, network, and continuously improve their operations together. Our community engagement practices ensure that your municipal water services are not only in sync with your neighbor cities, but that you are in sync with your residents – proactively communicating with them to ensure they have a great experience and leveraging technology resources to streamline water utility operations and billing overall.

Where Are You on the Smart Quadrant?

FATHOM’s core benchmark, the FATHOM Smart Quadrant is the fundamental measure of improvement across the Smart Grid for Water community, pushing our members to top performance in Affordability and Service and Infrastructure Preparedness.

Snap in to the Smart Grid today! Find out how your utility is performing now, and what the Smart Grid for Water could mean for your city. Request your placement on the FATHOM Smart Quadrant.