The FATHOM Smart Quadrant
for U.S. Municipal Water Utilities

The FATHOM Smart Quadrant is your guide to innovation in planning revenue, operations, and the future of your water utility. A comprehensive benchmark for municipal water utilities, the FATHOM Smart Quadrant reveals where your municipal water utility ranks relative to other municipalities with similar populations.

The FATHOM Smart Quadrant will immediately show you what impact advancing to the Smart Grid for Water could have on your community.

  • Increased Revenue
  • Decreased Cost
  • Better Customer Service
  • New Funding for CIP

Components of the Smart Quadrant

Affordability Index
The price of your water relative to your consumers’ ability to pay, based on a combination of factors. Low scores indicate that higher rates will likely have more significant impact on customer satisfaction.

Infrastructure Preparedness
How prepared your water utility is to serve the needs of your municipality and your customers, based on current technology and efficiency.

Self-Funding Potential
The likelihood that an investment in the Smart Grid for Water would be self-funding, based on your opportunity for revenue recovery.

Please allow 5-10 business days for production of your customized Smart Quadrant.
Placement on the FATHOM Smart Quadrant is based on publicly available data.